Vyzulta in Virgin Glaucoma/OHT Eyes


   At the American Glaucoma Society 2020 Annual Meeting Poster Session in Washington, DC I was SUPER excited to share my research finding on the real world use of Vyzulta in virgin eyes!

A synopsis of what we found was:

--In 63 patients from 9 centers naive to any treatment whether drops, laser or surgery were evaluated at 2 visits, 2 months or more apart, for IOP reduction from baseline
--Overall reduction from baseline was 31%
--In patients with IOP > 21% there was a > than 10mmHg drop in IOP
--30% of all patients had an IOP reduction from baseline of > 40%

Take home message:
Consider using Vyzulta in newly diagnosed glaucoma patients naive to treatment and look for a super response especially in IOPs above 21mmHg.

Click here to get instant access to the AGS Research poster. Paper on it's way...
 - Dr. Constance Okeke.
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    Vyzulta Poster Photo Okeke