Eye Care Provider Information & Surgical Videos
Dr. Constance Okeke is a pioneer in glaucoma surgical techniques involving micro-incisional glaucoma surgery, or MIGS

She has performed thousands of MIGS procedures involving: Trabectome (NeoMedix), iStent (Glaukos), Trab360 (Sight Sciences), Visco360 (Sight Sciences), Kahook Dual Blade (New World Medical). 

She is currently investigating new MIGS procedures that are coming down the pipeline or soon to become available: Ab interno canaloplasty or ABiC (Ellex), CyPass suprachoroidal shunt (Alcon), iStent Inject(Glaukos - still under investigation), iStent Supra (Glaukos - still under investigation), and Xen Gel Implant (Allergan). 

​Look below to see a collection of educational videos Dr. Okeke has made to foster learning and adoption of these techniques.

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