Help the Family Glaucoma Awareness Campaign
Start Talking and Save Sight!
Dr. Constance Okeke discusses problems of increasing glaucoma prevalence as the global population ages. She shares one strategy to help combat the problem and increase glaucoma by targeting family members at high-risk with the help of eye care providers who collectively can make a major impact on a global scale. The strategy starts with a simple conversation that is fast, effective, and free! 
Campaign Mission
Our Mission is to increase glaucoma awareness globally.
The ultimate goal is to increase glaucoma detection and subsequent treatment of family members of patients with glaucoma.
This can be achieved through targeted efforts from colllaborating Eye Care Providers and organizations on a global scale.
How the Help the Family Campaign Began
Research at Wilmer
Dr. Okeke is inspired under metorship with Drs. Quigley & Friedman to educate family
2003 - 2005
Help the Family Glaucoma Project
Published in
Journal of Glaucoma
September 2007
Creative Collaboration
Dr. Okeke and Alcon
design and launch
Hereditary Posters
2015 - 2016
Public Partners
Glaucoma Research Foundation  offers to collaborate on effort
March 2016
Connection with a Call to Action
Dr. Okeke Delivers Message
at AGS
​March 5, 2016
Media Attention
Momentum grows with
various media
spreading  the word
Research at Wilmer Eye Institute 
John Hopkins School of Medicine
2003 - 2005
This research was performed at the  Wilmer Eye Institute  during Dr. Okeke's ophthalmology residency program under the mentorship and collaboration of Drs. Harry Quigley, David Friedman, Henry Jampel and Nathan Congdon. The purpose was to assess the knowledge of patients with open angle glaucoma (OAG) and their family members about OAG risk factors and to study the referral of family members for eye examinations. The project was completed and results published in Journal of Glaucoma, " Targeting Relative of Patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: The Help the Family Glaucoma Project. "
Creative Collaboration
​with Alcon
2015 - 2016
Inspired by the past, Dr. Okeke wanted to refocus efforts on glaucoma awareness. She felt that she needed to do a better job educating her own patients about the hereditary aspects of glaucoma so they can protect their families as she had done in the past. Now in the fast pace of private practice with time restrictions and multiple distractions, Dr. Okeke creatively thought of using posters that could be put on the exam room wall to speak to her patients as they waited. This could increase the educational conversations. She collaborated with Alcon to create the  Hereditary Posters  that are now available from the company through local pharmaceutical representatives.
Connection with Glaucoma Specialists at AGS
Saturday, March 5, 2016
Dr Okeke was invited to the American Glaucoma Society Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL to speak in the Finding Undiagnosed Glaucoma Symposium on the side of Assessment of Family History in the Debate: In 10 years, the best way to determine someone is genetically predisposed to glaucoma will be... In her talk she outlined several population based studies around the world confirming the strong hereditary risk with glaucoma. She closed with a strong  call to action  to the glaucoma eye care providers to utilize our important influence with our patients to educate and empower them to get their families informed of their risk and subsequently checked, with the belief that this could lead to greater detection of glaucoma. The strong reaction and impact of the message led to the idea and initiation of the campaign. ​

Review of Ophthalmology
July 5, 2016
Familial Glaucoma Risk: Spreading the Word
By Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE
In this article Dr. Okeke shares how one way to reduce vision loss from glaucoma is to make sure our patients understand that their relatives are at increased risk.
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Glaucoma Today Journal Club​​
August 8, 2016
Increasing Glaucoma Awareness
By Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE
Constance Okeke, MD, sits down with Steven Vold, MD, to discuss her involvement in glaucoma awareness campaigns and how she helps patients receive the care they need. Dr. Okeke says that family history is one of the biggest risk factors for glaucoma. She explains her partnership with Alcon in which she created posters discussing the significance of heredity to educate patients on the importance of this risk factor.
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Glaucoma Today
September/October 2016
Detect Glaucoma in 60 Seconds
By Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE
Dr. Okeke shares how simple conversations with patients can have a positive impact on disease detection.
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Glaucoma Research Foundation
January 20, 2017
Glaucoma Risk Increases in Families: Spread the Word
By Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE
Dr. Okeke shares the familial connection of glaucoma and why family members of existing glaucoma patients should get screened.
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Campaign Media Coverage

June 2016
Uncovering Undiagnosed Glaucoma Cases to Reduce Blindness 
By Tony Realini, MD, MPH
Article features several glaucoma specialists various views on glaucoma screening from the the  2016 American Glaucoma Society annual meeting, including coverage from Dr. Okeke's talk on the family history and glaucoma assessment.
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